The applicable rate is displayed on the right hand side of the taxi meter


All identification i.e number plate licence number, number of passengers is clearly shown on a plaque inside the vehicle


An official receipt, showing fare and driver / vehicle liscence number may be requested at the end of a journey


Should the driver forget to switch on the meter, the customer is only required to pay a minimum charge.


Drivers are obliged to provide change for large notes ( over euros 20 ) and are required to stop the meter if they have to leave the vehicle to find change


The driver may not refuse carriage of any passenger who is disabled, blind, elderly and infirm, including those with own wheelchair / accompanied by guide dog


The driver is obliged to assist with:-


      Opening / closing windows


      Helping disabled / elderly/ blind/ passengers to enter and exit the           vehicle


      Loading baggage and personal belongings


Switching on the interior light during the night to facilitate enter / exit of vehicle and payment


The driver is not permitted to enter debate with any passenger at any time





The driver must always take the first passenger from any queue


If there are several requests at any one time for a taxi, preference must be shown to the disabled/ elderly/ infirm, except in official taxi ranks where preference is shown to the first person in the queue


Auto Taxi drivers may refuse carriage if the following circumstances apply


People who are trying to escape from those in Authority i.e Police, Security Forces


People who want to transport more passengers than vehicle seating allows


If a passenger is aggressive and / or appears to be under the influence of drugs / alcohol


If the passenger or belongings or pets will dirty / damage the vehicle /upholstery  in any way


If the amount of luggage does not fit in the boot / roof rack


Smoking is prohibited in the taxi


If a passenger leaves the taxi during the service then a charge of 30 mins waiting time may be added to the final fare


The driver is not obliged to drive through industrial / abandoned areas or roads which are  impassable / dirt tracks



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